Creating a care plan

Once the data has all been entered into the system a Care Plan can be created

Enter CREATE PLAN from menu at top of screen

  • A new screen will appear with
    • Traffic lights against ABCD and E on left of screen – these indicate priorities with RED being high priority or BAD and GREEN being low priority or GOOD
    • Suggested management options are offered in ABCDE boxes
    • Empty boxes in centre to receive final plan instructions
    • Last plan generated (if there was one) to right of screen with traffic light
  • To create final plan
    • First select PHARMA; DIET and PROCEDURES  if indicated for use by either using menu across top of screen or by clicking on the empty boxes labelled for each
    • A selection will appear. Click on your choice
    • This choice will now appear in both the tab box and the A box in the case of PHARMA selections
    • It is important to do this step before either copying other instructions over or creating text in text boxes
    • it is important not to delete the tab box contents
  • Once this is completed then create remainder of plan by completing text boxes.  This will be the text that will be saved as a record and also will appear in the owner print out.
  • This can be done by pressing COPY ALL in the menu at top of screen which will bring all text across or by COPY and PASTE
  • Amend text as necessary
  • SAVE by pressing  CREATE PATIENT RECORD at foot of screen
  • A new screen will appear with the saved record.  This cannot be amended further

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